Disney Understands
To live will be an awfully big adventure…

To all of my wonderful followers, I write my apology and farewell. As I am an adult and life has had its many struggles the past couple years, I have failed to post as much as I should have. I apologize to you all, and hope you’re not too disappointed in me.

Also, seeing as I have neglected for so long to update, I am shutting down Disney Understands. We have lost Marissa, a wonderful co-admin, and now I, too, must say so long.

I shall always have a special place for Disney in my heart. However, life has been rough for me the past  year or so. Lots of changes and even some losses in one way or another. So I am now off on a new adventure, I hope, seeing what life has in store for me next. 

Goodbye to all my wonderful followers.



New Adventures

The ending of Peter Pan has been on my mind a lot lately.

As a younger, sheltered, blissfully naive child, I was always saddened with the notion that Wendy had to leave and grow up when she had the option to be carefree forever. She had the choice, but chose responsibility and “boring” adult affairs instead.

But now, as I’m getting older and my perspective is changing drastically, I realize how sad it would be to be stuck in Peter’s place, and never want to move on. I want to grow, mature, and eventually be an adult (but not without a sense of adventure, of course.) Life stuck in the same place, especially the past, prohibits growth and a plethora of other adventures.

Hence, on that note, I must announce that I am withdrawing from this blog. It has been a wonderful 2 years and I’ve had a blast creating and interacting with all of you followers, but…it’s time to move on. I was in a different place when joining this blog, and many events have transpired to transform me into a different person.Looking back through this blog, I see shadows of the person I used to be;someone I can’t relate with or pretend to be.

Now, my “Disney Side” will always exist, mind you, but I can’t let it consume my life and spare time. In hindsight, me joining this blog was a form of escape from reality and believing with (a foolish) hope that my life would come together magically. But it hasn’t. Disney is fantasy; that escape from reality at the end of the day that provides us happy endings and glorious triumphs that real life doesn’t always provide. Writer’s wrote those stories, and likewise, we must write our own stories and work for our own “happy endings”.Luckily, Disney is good at providing the comfort and perpetual hope that things will get better. 

In all honesty, it took a lot of prompting and foot dragging to pull away from this blog, but I know it’s ultimately the right choice. Like Wendy, we must face the obligations of adulthood, and that means priorities get shifted. And, well…some things have to go. It’s not easy.

I won’t dive into detail about all my experiences lately, but I have learned a few core lessons: Get closure. Say goodbye. Cherish people. Forgive and don’t be angry. I’ve lost too many people lately to take any of these sentiments for-granted, and I wanted to make sure that all of you followers knew the truth to why I am leaving. Although I don’t know most of you personally, your support and camaraderie have made running this blog a blast.   Never stop dreaming, adventuring, and living, dear followers. And if things get rough, we can always retreat to Neverland for a little while. :)

On that note, I’m off to see what the rest of the world has in store for me. (It’s been a great journey thus far!)

Safe adventuring!



Student Loan Forms

Reading the forms:


Signing and submitting the forms:


(yeah right)

When someone criticizes my cooking

When people ask me what I did at summer camp


Cabin by-laws state that we’re not allowed to talk about it ;)

Being really hungry at a restaurant and watching other people get their food

When people ask how my love life is going

Happy Independence Day!
(Now go get drunk and blow something up, the American Way.)

Happy Independence Day!

(Now go get drunk and blow something up, the American Way.)

The magic of getting your nails done

The magic of getting your nails done

When people ask if you’re “up to anything special these days”…

…Anyone else with me?